What to do if you're not feeling OK

If you are not feeling well it is important you seek professional help and reassurance. Despite any feelings of hopelessness, there is help and effective treatment available.

  • NHS: Dial 999 in an emergency or go to your nearest hospital A&E dept
  • Call NHS 111 for professional health advice, 24/7
  • Book an emergency GP appointment
  • Call on 116 123 (24/7 freephone)
  • Access an art therapy service

Most people also find that making time for the following can increase wellbeing and support their resilience:

  • Creativity – connecting with art can improve your mood and increase your self- esteem. This can be through many different ways, from visiting galleries, to finding objects, making art, or taking a mindful walk and appreciating the environment.
  • Connect听鈥 with people around you (family, friends, neighbours, colleagues). Invest time in these connections.
  • Be active听鈥 go for a walk or run, step outside, dance or exercise. Find some physical activities you enjoy that are appropriate to your fitness and mobility level.
  • Take notice鈥 be curious about the world around you. Take in and savour the beautiful. Remark on the unusual. Notice the changing seasons. Be in the present moment.
  • Keep learning鈥 try something new or reignite an old interest. Set a challenge that you will enjoy achieving. Learning new things is fun and helps to build confidence.
  • Give 鈥 do something kind for a friend or stranger. Volunteer your time. Thank someone. Seeing yourself and your happiness linked to a wider community helps to create meaningful connections with those around you.