How to submit

Thank for considering sending us your artwork! Here’s a guide on what to send us and how.

Still images

If you would like to submit images of your art for consideration please send us up to 3聽professional standard聽photos of your work.

Images should be high resolution at least 1080 pixels per inch (ppi).


You can also submit聽videos聽(up to聽1 min聽long) for consideration. If you would like to submit a video please send us an MP4 file聽(720p minimum)聽and a聽high-quality still image聽from the video that best represents your work (a ‘cover image’).

Include in your email

In your email, include the following:

  • The name of the gallery you are submitting to (Art Therapists’ Art/Open Gallery)
  • If submitting for a special call for themed art, please tell us which one
  • Title(s) of the artwork
  • A sentence about the context of the artwork(s) for us to share in the social media post
  • Materials used
  • Dates the artworks were created
  • Your name and professional status (香港六合彩开奖结果记录/trainee/other)
  • Which country you live/work in
  • If you are an 香港六合彩开奖结果记录, please include your state registration body and number (please state ‘no state registration in this country’ if this is the case). If you are a trainee, please state your institution
  • Email contact

Any text and information you send us about your artwork may be published. If there is anything you do not want to be public, either do not include it, or please tell us in your email what you do not want to be shared.

How to send

Submissions should be sent via email to

If the file size is too big to send via email, please send us a link through .